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AZZI offers comprehensive jewelry appraisal services to meet all of your insurance needs. AZZI’s jewelers are certified GIA graduate Gemologists in both diamonds and colored stones. This means that our diamond appraisals and gemstone appraisals will be accepted by most insurance companies and courts of law. Our jewelers can provide in store appraisals for a single piece of jewelry or for your entire collection.

We routinely work closely with insurance companies providing appraisals for policy evaluations as well as cases concerning damage, loss or theft. Diamond appraisals and jewelry appraisals are also necessary for trust evaluations, estate tax evaluation purposes and divorces. No matter why a jewelry appraisal is needed, AZZI is able to promptly supply a valid accurate appraisal.

Appraisals incorporate various criteria for evaluating the value of your piece. The Gemologist will evaluate the authenticity of the piece, its age, condition, the quality of both the gemstones and the precious metals and the design and craftsmanship to determine its fair market value.

Our in house services are the most thorough and accurate insurance appraisals in Lansing for jewelry and gemstones. All of our appraisals are conducted in house at our store, usually while the customer waits. This prevents any problems that can arise from jewelry being transported off site.


Jewelry evaluations are a free service we offer at our store. AZZI has offered evaluations and insurance appraisals in Lansing for more than 20 years. We are very proud of our excellent customer service and our loyal customers. We will provide free evaluations for pieces purchased from our store or from another store. We can help you determine the value of one diamond or all of your jewelry. Our Gemologists will help you separate the most valuable pieces from the rest so that you will know which pieces should be appraised for insurance purposes.

Jewelry appraisals should be updated approximately every three years to ensure that the insurance that you are paying for closely matches the valuation of your jewelry. Jewelry appraisals offer a form of valuable financial protection should your diamonds or jewelry be lost damaged or stolen. As the value of precious metals and gemstones is constantly changing, an updated appraisal is essential to ensure that you are properly protected.

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